Jewish Wedding Canopy

“He is the half part of a blessed man Left to be finished by such as she, and she, a fair divided excellence whose fullness of perfection lies in him.” – By William Shakespeare

A marriage is forged by destiny; it should be a new beginning of life and a new starting point for happiness and pitfalls, all with endless possibilities together as a couple. For a Jewish bride and groom it begins at the chuppah.

Chuppah or Huppah is a wedding canopy where Jewish bride and groom stand in their wedding during the ceremony. A chuppah can be made of any material. Some consists of wool, velvet or cotton, silk and flowers; it can often be customized or personalized to suit the couple’s unique interests and occupations. The chuppah is supported by four staves or poles, and ordinarily held by four men chosen by the couple.

The chuppah signifies the new home that the groom and bride will create. It was told that the ancient rabbis compared the chuppah to Abraham’s tent, which had entrances on every side, so that travelers coming from any direction would be welcome to enter. The Chuppah is usually held outdoors, under the stars, just before sundown, which symbolizes the blessing given by God to Abraham, that his children will be as numerous “as the stars of the heavens.”

The design and personality of a chuppah are limitless and bound only by your imagination. Some Jewish couples hire florists to make a garlanded chuppa of woven vines and greenery. Some are made in an array of styles from simple and elegant to bold and brilliant, designed to be both distinctive and different. Like I said design are limitless if you really want it to be a special and truly a personal memento for the big day.

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