Dating Jewish

Dating a Jewish or someone from another religion can be a difficult and very challenging situation, even when the couple is deeply in love. Religion plays an important role in relationships, even if we don’t want to, the differences in opinions in faith will always come out because it is through religion that we create our beliefs, our tradition, and our culture. Years of Praying to God, Yahweh, Allah or Buddha and practicing the same tradition every year can really be a big effect on an individual, if he/she is put in an unfamiliar situation. There will come a time when he/she will ask about your religion. In return, you ask questions about theirs. This could be a very annoying time for both of you because there is huge tendency that both parties would criticize each other’s beliefs and practices.

If your goals in dating is just for fun and a little romance that is ok, but if it is for serious love and you have a long term plan, then the dating couples should have a goal to end up with, in a peaceful married life. A common problem that dating couples have when dating someone from a different religion is the fact that they are haunted by the disapproval of each of their families. Though you have every right to choose your life partner, the disapproval of someone you love will always cause problems and hardships in your relationship.

Dating outside of your religion is not a sin; I guess some may say it’s just not practical. God, Yahweh, Buddha or Allah will not punish you for loving someone or dating someone with different beliefs and traditions, or drown you in hell because you’re happy when you are with him/her. God will punish you if you put yourself in that relationship not knowing or sure if you’re strong enough to handle the problems that may come your way and end up hurting another person. Imagine the emotional damage you can cause on that person especially if you’re together for a long time and in the long run you’ll just end up hurting him/her.

Dating, no matter from what religion or race is about two people coming together, trying to find their perfect match, to see whether they are compatible and then enjoying each other’s company so that they may move forward forming a close bond, and meet love halfway. If you honestly like someone or possibly already love that person and he/she loves you back, then both sides should embrace reality, try to understand each other’s differences and be willing to compromise.

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