The Beauty of Jewish Courtship

Jewish courtship is a beautiful way of showing a woman that she is loved. Judaism provides the perfect avenue for romance which is anchored on respect and love. To follow a traditional Jewish courtship is a great act of love and respect not just for the woman but also for the Jewish culture.

  • As with other religion, Judaism stresses the importance of finding a suitable partner who will share your aspirations and values. Look for a person who shares the same principles and ideals that you have.
  • Consult people who may know the woman very well and casually chat about her. Be careful not to reveal your intentions of courting the woman. Judaism considers courtship to be a personal and private act.
  • Communication is important when spending time together. Going to parties, discos, movies or concerts and other activities that won’t give you a great amount of talking time are discouraged.
  • Avoid physical intimacy when dating. Jewish courtship puts  high value on chastity. Only married couples are allowed to have physical intimacy and it should be done only in private places.

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