Chanukah Gifts for Your Pets

Who says Chanukah gifts are only for people? Giving gifts to our loved ones during Chanukah is now part of the modern Jewish culture. Your pet dog or cat is also a part of the family so why not include him or her in your family’s Chanukah celebration. Here are some tips.

  • Buy a dog tag or a cute charm for your pet with Jewish significance. Many online stores sell menorah or dreidel charms so you’ll have no problem finding one. You can also buy a Jewish themed bandana in blue and white for your little poochie.
  • Buy a Chanukah themed plush toy for your pet. Buy soft, cuddly plushies in shapes of dreidels, menorahs or gelt coins.
  • Feed your pet some meaty pancakes (served as latkes).  Bring home some Chanukah baked goodies for pets like cookies or brownies.
  • Give your pet Chanukah basket full of his favorite pet foods, toys, shampoos, and a cozy mat or comforter.

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