tzedakah and jewish obligation

Tzedakah and Jewish Obligation

Tzedakah is an important aspect in Judaism. It is a Hebrew word for charity (giving assistance, helping people who are in need, sharing our blessings to poor people). The idea of charity or Tzedakah in Judaism is different from how most people view charity. In Judaism, giving to people in need is a sign of righteousness and giving justice. It is not merely an act of generosity. Tzedakah is considered a duty that should be performed to give justice to the poor. The government gives some grants for Jewish organizations. There are also grants coming from Jewish communities and Jewish philanthropists.

Giving to the poor is a Jewish obligation – a duty that should never be neglected even by Jews who are in need. In fact, many believe that tzedakah is the most important of all commandments and a person who does not fulfill this commandment is comparable to hypocrite. In Judaism, tzedakah is included in the three acts that one must do for the forgiveness of his sins (teshuvah or repentance, tefilah or prayer and tzedakah or the act of giving).

The obligation of tzedakah can be done in so many ways. This can be done by giving to the poor, to charitable institutions, to your local synagogue.

Jews are considered generous givers to charities. Do not limit your giving to Jewish charities or Jews who are in need. God commanded us to love one another as he loves all of us. So spread the spirit of giving and give to everyone in need, Jew or Gentile.

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