How to Create a Tzedakah Box

A pushke or Tzedakah box is a small container used to collect money for charity. It is a Jewish obligation to give to the needy. A Jewish home won’t be complete without a Tzedakah box.

  • Prepare an empty plastic lid. Clean it up with soap and water. Remove the paper label.
  • Make sure that the lid is dry. To make a slot where you will insert money, cut a hole on the top plastic cap (half inch wide by one and one half inch long) using scissors.
  • Make a collage out of old postcards, greeting cards, and photos.
  • Using glue gun, attach the collages to your pushke.
  • Embellish your pushke with a satin ribbon, and a Star of David charm.
  • Be creative in designing your pushke. You can use decorative papers, crayons and other ornaments.

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