How to Participate in the Celebration of Simchat Torah

Simchat Torah is a Jewish holiday celebrating the conclusion of the annual reading of Torah. Simchat Torah is a Hebrew term which means “Rejoicing of the Torah.”

  • Services for Simchat Torah begins with the Ma’ariv service or evening service. Torah scrolls are removed from the ark. Members of the congregation march around the synagogue in a ceremony called hakkafah. There are seven hakkafot (circling processionals). Participate in this service by dancing and kissing the Torah scrolls as they pass.
  • Read the last portion of the Torah which is from Deuteronomy 33: 1-34:12 as well as the fist verses of Genesis 1:1-2:3.
  • The morning service also includes hakkafot with focus on the actual reading of the Torah.  Participate in this as well as the musaf service held after the morning service.
  • Hold the Torah in one of the hakkafot.

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