How to Chant the Torah

Reading the Torah during Shabbat and other Jewish holidays is an integral part of a synagogue service. It is a great honor to read the Torah in the synagogue. Simchat Torah is celebrated annually to mark the completion of the year’s cycle of reading. Learning how to chant the Torah on your own can be overwhelming but with patience and a little perseverance, learning this skill can be easy.

  • To chant the Torah means to read and understand Hebrew. Enroll in a Hebrew class or search for online Hebrew tutorials.
  • Learn the melodies of chanting the Torah. Look online for Torah trope-teaching websites. You can also learn this by observing the trope used in your community. Learn how the trope is chanted independently by portion (parasha).
  • Make sure that your pronunciation (with the vowels) of the Torah is correct before you start to learn chanting it.
  • Practice chanting the Torah regularly.
  • Finally, chant the Torah from an actual Torah scroll.

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