How to Live Jewish in a Non-Jewish Community

Judaism is a way of life. Being situated in an area where your chance to practice your Jewish orientation is limited should not stop you from upholding your Jewish upbringing. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your Jewish identity.

  • Continue to practice family traditions and customs. Being away from your Jewish roots should not stop you from living Jewish.
  • Attend a synagogue even if it is far away from where you live especially during holidays. Consistency in attending prayer services is very important in Judaism. The opportunity to pray together with other Jewish people should never be neglected.
  • Research for reading materials and Jewish books online. If you are living in a place where accessibility to Jewish resources is limited, use the internet to your full advantage.
  • Encourage your children to attend a summer Jewish camp and other activities that can supplement your kids’ Jewish education.
  • Host your own Jewish gathering. Gather your Jewish neighbors for a Shabbat dinner. Discuss what you have learned from your Torah reading.

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