How to Apply Reform Judaism Into Your Life

Reform Judaism is a branch of Judaism that believes in the modernization of Judaism and Jewish traditions and that it should be compatible with participation in the surrounding culture. This branch of Judaism believes that Jewish laws should be regarded as set of guidelines rather than list of restrictions.

  • Join a local Jewish class in your area. Ask around for schedule of classes. It is always important to learn the basics of Jewish faith as well as its history.
  • Understand the difference of Reform Judaism to all other traditional branches of Judaism. Both men and women have equal rights in Reform Judaism. Women are allowed to become Rabbi as well as Torah readers. Reform Judaism is not against interfaith marriage. Children are regarded as Jewish if they have one Jewish parent. Homosexuals are also accepted into the congregation.
  • Attend a synagogue embracing Reform Judaism. Participate in the prayer service. Embrace the major aspects of Jewish living.
  • Talk to your Rabbi about Reform Judaism. Understanding Reform Judaism by heart is one essential requirement to living a life as a Reform Jew.

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