Becoming a Rabbi

There are different Rabbinic ordination requirements for various Jewish denominations. A Rabbi is a religious teacher. He is responsible for doing sermons, counseling and representing the Jewish community to the outside. Below are some of the essentials of becoming a Rabbi:

  • The most basic requirement of becoming a Rabbi is to become Jewish. If you are not Jewish, you will first have to convert to Judaism.
  • Hasidic and Orthodox Judaism do not ordain women Rabbi. If you are a woman and would like to become a Rabbi, you will have to join a Reconstructionist, Conservative or Reform Jewish sects.
  • Aspiring Rabbis should get a college degree. After obtaining a degree, you will have to spend four to five years in a Jewish seminary program. You need to study the Torah, the Talmud, the Mishna, Hebrew, Jewish history, Jewish law, Psychology and more.
  • Most Jewish denominations require aspiring Rabbis to spend a year in Israel where you will learn more about Jewish history and Hebrew.
  • Start with a small congregation as you learn more about your role as a spiritual leader.

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