How to Honor Miriam at the Passover Seder

A Miriam’s Cup is a Jewish ritual object that is placed on the seder table. It is said to symbolize Miriam’s well that provided water for the Israelites in the desert. Instead of wine, it is filled with water and is placed beside the cup of Elijah.

  • Prepare for a goblet and put it beside the cup of Elijah on the seder table.
  • Do the ritual of Miriam’s cup after blessing the second cup of wine, before washing the hands.
  • Raise the goblet and say, “Miriam’s cup is filled with water, rather than wine. I invite women of all generations at our seder table to fill Miriam’s cup with water from their own glasses.”
  • Pass the goblet around the table.
  • When the goblet has been filled, raise it and say, “We place Miriam’s Cup on our seder table to honor the important role of Jewish women in our tradition and history, whose stories have been too sparingly told.”
  • Share your story of a Jewish woman that you admire and who has contributed to the Jewish society.
  • Sing and dance to honor Miriam  and other women who have brought great impact to the Jewish culture.

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