Hanukkah Traditional Foods

Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights is a special holiday to many Jews around the world. It is a festive holiday celebrated with a sumptuous family dinner. Foods prepared during Hanukkah are usually fried to commemorate the miracle of the oil lamp that burned for eight days in the Temple when it had only enough fuel to last for a day.

Meat stew and beef briskets are some of the most popular Hanukkah main entrée. Beef brisket recipes differ depending on the family’s culinary tradition. When buying ingredients for your brisket make sure that everything is kosher or adheres to Jewish dietary guidelines. Briskets are usually cooked for hours until meat is tender. Some people marinate their beef briskets before cooking it while others add fruits into the brisket like apples and figs.

One of the most popular Hanukkah entrée is the latke, also known as potato pancakes deep fried in cooking oil. Potatoes are grated as well as onions and are mixed with other ingredients including salt, pepper, eggs, butter, milk and flour. Latkes are usually served with sour cream or apple sauce as toppings. Some people use whipped cream and berries.

Hanukkah is also a good time to prepare noodle kugel. Egg noodles are mixed with egg and flour. Kugel is baked with vegetables or fruits. The Hanukkah table won’t be complete without the challah, Jewish bread made of eggs, flour and sugar.

Sufganiyot is also a Hanukkah favorite. These sweet treats are jelly –filled doughnuts fried in oil. Other Hanukkah foods include cheese blintzes and Halvah.

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