Becoming a Mohel

A Mohel is a Jewish person trained to perform the mitzvah of Brit Milah. Becoming a Mohel is a serious job. There is a shortage of trained and qualified Mohelim around the world. To become a Mohel, you need to undergo both religious and surgical trainings.

  • Get a medical training relevant to performing circumcision.
  • File your application at the Berit Milah Board of Reform Judaism.
  • Prepare all the necessary requirements for your application.  The requirements may include your current medical license, a letter of recommendation from your Rabbi and from your hospital’s department head. A two to three page essay may also be required explaining your desire of becoming a Mohel.
  • When you have been accepted, the Berit Milah will contact you and you can begin attending one of their classes.
  • Participate in the training program.  The topics that you will have to study will include Halachic law, details of the ceremony, as well as other Judaica courses. You will receive your certification after successfully completing the course.

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