How to Become Tzniut

Tzniut is a Hebrew term which means modesty and humility. This trait is very important and refers to modesty both in dress and behavior. The Talmud tells us that humility is an important characteristic of Jewish people.

  • Choose your words carefully. Avoid swearing and saying words of sexual context.
  • In Orthodox Judaism, unmarried men and women are forbidden to touch each other. They should also avoid secluded situations which will make them vulnerable to sexual immoralities.
  • Dress modestly. Women should wear clothings with sleeves that will cover their elbows. Skirts should not be too short and should be paired with dark stockings. A head covering should be worn by a married Jewish woman. On the other hand, men should wear a yarmulke. Sandals should not be worn inside the synagogue.
  • In Orthodox Judaism, men and women are forbidden to mingle during prayer services.  A divider called Mechitza separates men and women during the service.

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