How to Put On the Yarmulke Properly

A yarmulke (skullcap), also known as kippah is a piece of cloth worn by observant Jews, often by men. Yarmulke is worn during prayer as a sign of respect to God. The yarmulke is one of the most important symbols of the Jewsih faith, thus, should be worn properly.

  • Yarmulke should be worn during Shabbat or when inside the shul or synagogue.
  • Put the yarmulke toward the back of your head.
  • Gather a few hair. Using hair pins, start pinning the yarmulke into your hair.
  • Put pins on each side of the yarmulke to hold it securely.
  • Bend your head from side to side to make sure that the yarmulke is attached securely to your head.

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