Jewish Traditions and the Bar Mitzvah

In Judaism, the Bar Mitzvah is an important time in a Jewish man’s life when he is given his own Jewish identity and his coming of age is celebrated. During this important time in a Jewish boy’s life, it is important to consolidate Jewish traditions into the Bar Mitzvah.

  • Give the boy a tallit or Jewish prayer shawl that he can use during prayer for the rest of his life.
  • Hold the Bar Mitzvah after-service celebration in the synagogue’s social hall instead of other social venues. It is also best to observe the laws of Sabbath making the celebration more meaningful.
  • Perform the hamotzi or the blessing over bread and Kiddush during the party.
  • Play Jewish songs during the party.
  • Decorate the party venue with a Jewish theme.
  • Hire a klezmer band to play Jewish songs during the party.

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