How to Get Up From Shiva

Getting up from Shiva refers to the conclusion of the seven day period of mourning after a loved one has passed away. The last day of Shiva is a time which reminds the mourners to move on to shloshim, a less intense 30 days  of mourning.

  • During the last day of Shiva, Shacharit services starts earlier than usual. After the morning service, the mourners sit on low stools. Members of the Minyan and other visitors are asked to leave the room giving enough time for the mourners to say a short prayer.
  • Members of the Minyan and other visitors comes back to the room and console  the mourners saying: “May the Almighty comfort you among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem. May the Almighty heal the breaches of his people Israel.”
  • They tell the mourners to stand up from their mourning and say the following: “No more will your sun set, nor your moon be darkened, for God will be an eternal light for you, and your days of mourning shall end. (Isaiah 60:20)  Like a man whose mother consoles him, so shall I console you, and you shall be consoled in Jerusalem. (Isaiah 66:13).
  • The mourners honor that the Shiva is over by going out of the house and taking a short walk with those who have comforted them. This symbolizes the family’s return to the society after the intense week of mourning.
  • After the Shiva week, the mourners may change into their regular clothes.

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