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Camel Ranch Eilat

The Camel Ranch Eilat, located at the entrance to Wadi Shlomo, offers a unique and a diversity of desert experiences suitable for the whole family, children of all ages as well as the senior citizens. Breath-taking and fantastic scenery could be enjoyed while taking the tour. The Camel Ranch was established in the year 1987 in Nachal Shlomo, in the ...

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Botanical Garden Of Eilat

The Botanical Garden of Eilat is an oasis. Located on a shackle of wonderful, natural desert hills, lies one of the most amazing sceneries that you can find in the town of Eilat. The Botanical Garden welcomes you to a different world where you could experience peace and tranquility, while enjoying the magnificent scenery. Right in the center of the ...

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Bereshit Exhibition

The Bereshit Exhibition is a famous Jewish museum located in the city of Rishon LeZion in Israel. It is a very commemorative place not only for the locality itself but for the whole country of Israel. In the Bereshit exhibition, one can trace the beginnings of and foundation of the state of Israel. The national anthem of Israel, the “Havitka”,  ...

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Ben-Gurion University

Ben-Gurion University was stirred by the forethought of David Ben-Gurion, who is Israel’s first Prime Minister. He had a notion that the country’s future lies in this state. The University was instituted in the year 1969. Its aim is to bring development in the Negev. The University plays an important role in advocating agriculture, education and industry in Negev and ...

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Aqua Beach

Aqua Beach, considered as the best site for snorkeling and diving in Eilat, Israel is a haven for the locals and foreigners, especially the scuba divers.  If you are the type of person who enjoys fun under the heat of the sun, Aqua beach would be the perfect destination for you. In this beach, you can go snorkeling and diving ...

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Abraham’s Well

Abraham’s Well is said to be the most famous of the many wells found in Beersheba. In the olden times, the wells played a significant part towards the development of Beersheba. Abraham’s well is located in a nearby small seasonal stream recognized as Nahal Beersheva or the Beersheva stream. It contained two primordial wells. As far as the people could ...

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