Star of David for Hanukkah

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Hanukkah is coming! A few days from now, we are going to celebrate this year’s Hanukkah. Introduce Hanukkah and its essence to small kids by teaching them this simple Hanukkah project.

  • For this project, you will need ice cream or popsicle sticks, glue, paper plate, scissors, a hole punch, colored cellophanes and water colors.
  • Using water colors, paint 6 ice cream sticks in blue.
  • Make two triangles out of the ice cream sticks by gluing them together.
  • Glue the two triangles to form a star.
  • Glue the star in a paper plate.
  • Make a triangular hole on each side of the six points of the star.
  • Paste colorful cellophane on each hole.
  • You can also adorn your star with silver and blue colors.

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