Simple Hanukkah Wreath Project

Hanukkah is a great time to decorate our homes with Jewish symbols. One of the Hanukkah decorations you can make this year is the Hanukkah wreath. Although there are many Hanukkah wreaths that can be bought nowadays, making your own wreath is still better since it costs much lesser than buying one. Here’s a simple Hanukkah wreath project that you can create with the help of your kids.

  • You will need evergreen branches, scissors, silver pine cones, a fourteen inches wire wreath form, floral wires and wire cutter.
  • Start making your wreath by cutting the evergreens into pieces, six inches long.
  • Cut a part of the wire (3 inches long) and tie this to the top of the wire form. This will serve as hanger for your wreath.
  • Place a piece of evergreen into the wire form. Secure the evergreen in place by tying a two-inch wire at the end of each evergreen.
  • Continue putting evergreen branches around the wire form.
  • Put three silver pine cones in the center. Attach the pine cones using a glue gun.
  • Attach a large blue and white bow in the center of the pine cones.
  • You can also use blue and white roses or lilies instead of a bow.
  • When you’re done, hang your Hanukkah wreath outside the front door.

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