How to Make a Handcrafted Hanukkah Menorah

Hanukkah is a great time to do some activities with the family. Kids who are into craft-making will surely enjoy this simple holiday project. Here is a menorah project that you and your children can make in less than a day.

  • We will need the following supplies to make a Jewish Hanukkah Menorah: a blue colored glass container, decorative stones and marbles, beach sand, and scented candles in white or blue.
  • Fill half of the container with sand that has been dampened in water.
  • Arrange the marbles and decorative stones on top of the sand.
  • Arrange the first two candles (the Shamash and the candle for the first night of Hanukkah).
  • Add candles each day during the entire Hanukkah celebration.
  • You can make menorah using other materials but avoid using paper decorations as this can be fire hazards.

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