Art Craft for Kids: Hanukkah Gelt Bag

Hanukkah is one of the most exciting holidays for Jewish kids. Imagine receiving lots of gelt (in forms of chocolate or money). That’s definitely exciting. Make Hanukkah more exciting for your kids by having them make their own Hanukkah Gelt bags.

  • For this easy project, you will need a medium sized paper bag, a thick cardboard, watercolors, decorative strings, gold and silver lace and glitters, glue, gold and silver aluminum foils.
  • Fold half an inch from the top of the paper bag inward. Glue it afterwards.
  • Cut the cardboard according to the size of the bottom of the paper bag. Attach the cardboard to the bottom of the bag with glue.
  • Using watercolor, paint your paper bag blue.
  • For the handle, make two small holes at the top of the paper bag and tie a decorative string.
  • Cut coin shaped decors from the aluminum foil and decorate this around the paper bag. You can also put gold and silver glitters around the bag to make it more attractive.

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