Ideal Gifts for Jewish Women on Chanukah

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Choosing the perfect gift for a Jewish woman is easy. The best way to choose a gift for a Jewish woman is to know her interests and lifestyle. Since Jewish women give high importance to Judaism and the Jewish culture, I suggest incorporating Jewish culture and tradition to your gift.

Give her jewelry. Many Jewish people wear jewelries with Jewish significance. You can choose to give a Jewish pendant like the Star of David, a chai, or other pendants with Jewish related themes.

Enrich her knowledge of Judaism through books. A book of Jewish theme is probably one of the best gifts to give to a Jewish woman. Jewish books may vary from fictional, non-fictional and self-help. A lot of these books are readily available online.

Give her a menorah. I know a lot of Jewish women who collect menorahs. A beautiful menorah is a great gift of high Jewish significance. Menorahs come in different sizes and colors. You can even have a personalized menorah created for the recipient.

Let her indulge into serious Jewish cooking. Being a homemaker is an important role of a Jewish woman. Give your Jewish lady friend a new Jewish cookbook with lots of recipes for the whole family.

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