Create a Jewish Centerpiece for Your Hanukkah Dinner Table

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Celebrating Hanukkah usually involves lots of festive family dinners. A beautiful Hanukkah centerpiece can make your Hanukkah dinner table more attractive. Learn how to make a Hanukkah table centerpiece with these simple steps:

  • For this project, you will need small dreidels made of plastic or wooden material, a glass or ceramic bowl, glitters in different colors, a small menorah, glue, and a paper plate.
  • First, spread some glue through the surface of the paper plate. Put different colors of glitters.
  • Apply glue to the dreidels and dust glitters.
  • Attach a small Hanukkah menorah in the center of the plate and glue the tiny dreidels around the menorah.
  • Put candles into your menorah and place the centerpiece into your Hanukkah table.

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