Chasidic History: Belz Sends Delegation To Graveside Of Satmar Rabbis To Ask Forgiveness

VIN News has confirmed that a historical reconciliation appears to be underway between Satmar and Belz after decades of conflict and hostility.

The gabbei of Belzer Rebbe, R’ Shimon Wolf Klein and a delegation of ten Belzer dayanim from all over the world paid a visit today to the kever of the Satmar Rebbe, R’ Yoel, zt’l, in Kiryas Joel, and asked for mechila from the Satmar Rebbe in the name of the Belzer Rebbe.

Included in the Belzer delegation were R’ Tuvia Vetentshtein, R’ Moshe Shimon Bineth, R’ Asher Eckstein, R’ Shalom Pesach Langsam, R’ Wolf Ber Lerner, R’Mordechai Galitzky, R’ Shimon Wolf Klein, R’ Gavriel Menezer, R’ Yossel Langsam, R’ Moshe Yossel Moskowitz and R’ Ezriel Hecht.


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