The Rebuilding Of Old Siget By Satmar Chasidim

The transfer of important former Jewish properties in the city of Siget has occurred after protracted negotiations, including intercession by several U.S. congressmen. The properties include the cemetery, shul complex, beis medrash, the Teitelbaum family home, and the mikvehs.

This great achievement was accomplished by agents of Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, Satmar Rebbe. Long years of work and untold effort were necessary. The great endeavor was preceded, 10 years ago, by the acquisition of the cemeteries of Uheil, the burial place of the Yismach Moshe, by Yitzchok Schlesinger z”l, Sender Deutsch z”l, and Yosef Weiss, present director of the Satmar cemetery in Kiryas Yoel.


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