Thousands Join London’s Parade of Jewish Unity

Over 2000 people joined the 54th annual Lag B’omer parade in Stamford Hill, organized by Lubavitch UK. Groups from Scotland, Manchester, Nottingham, Cambridge, Watford, Essex, Wimbledon, Southgate, North-West London, joined the many local families and children from Stamford Hill.

Shloimy Gertner’s beautiful singing accompanied by three musicians, Marching-bands by the boys’ school, Rabbi Dubov’s encouraging words, Torah pesukim recited by the children, clowns and acrobats, colorful decorations, banners designed by the children, parade flags children were waving, and the huge crowd of onlookers, together made the day a most wonderful experience for all.

The parade of thousands of children and adults, was led by horse and carriage, followed by the Mitzvah Tank with live music, a marching band and floats, accompanied by police and CST from Lubavitch Headquarters to Clapton Common park.


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