My First Mitzvah Tank Parade

12-year-old Yossi Cohen partook in the Los Angeles Mitzvah Tank Parade, which was in honor of the Rebbe’s 111th birthday, and it was his first time ever participating. He wrote an article detailing his amazing experience.

It was a beautiful sunny day in Los Angeles, California. While many children like me, would run to the park or beach in this weather, the boys and girls of Southern California piled into the Cheder Menachem hall for chance to celebrate the Rebbe’s 111th birthday in a way that would really make the Rebbe proud – with a grand Tzivos Hashem rally!!

Ran by Rabbi Mendel Duchman, connected to the Live rally being broadcasted worldwide, the 350 children had the chance to connect with chayolim from all over, as they said the 12 pesukim, took on hachlatos and showed true chassidishe spirit. Following the rally, everyone raced outdoors for the grand MITZVAH TANK PARADE organized as part of Kol Yakov Yehuda by the the Bochurim Alumni. The parents gathered on the corner, to escort the 11 tanks about to hit the streets of LA by storm, in honor of the Rebbe’s 111 years.


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