With New York’s Israel Parade Ready to Go, not Everyone is Feeling the Love

It’s America’s biggest annual show of support for Israel, and if this year’s marchers have any luck, the sun will be shining on Sunday morning when tens of thousands assemble on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue for the 48th annual Israel day parade.

From Jewish day school contingents to the Chai Riders motorcycle club to non-Jewish marching bands to corporate sponsors riding on floats, some 35,000 marchers from 200 organizations will head up the avenue festooned with Israel’s blue and white.

“This is the biggest celebratory Israel-themed event anywhere in the world,” Michael Mittelman, the parade’s director, told JTA. “This year, we want to celebrate how Israel is contributing positively to the world.”

The theme of this year’s parade is “Israel Branches Out,” and Mittelman said participants will be dressing up as fruit, nature, agriculture and even technology.

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