Poland Returns Yiddish Writer’s Works Confiscated by Communists to Daughters

The daughters of a Yiddish writer persecuted under communism reclaimed copies of his works on Tuesday, following a prolonged legal fight to establish their ownership.

The letters, newspaper articles and poems by Naftali Herts Kon, whose real name was Jakub Serf, were deposited with the City of Warsaw Archives by communist authorities after he was sentenced to prison on fabricated charges, in 1963. After 15 months in confinement, Kon left for Israel where he died in 1971.

On Tuesday, Kon’s daughters received the papers – in 15 cream-colored file folders – from archive director Janina Gregorowicz.

“It is a bittersweet moment, a fantastic feeling,” Ina Lancman said. “I can imagine my father is smiling now.”

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