Historic Reconciliation between Hassidic Dynasties

A wave of excitement is gripping parts of the hareidi religious world as a historic reconciliation between the hassidic dynasties of Belz and Satmar is underway.

The Admor of Belz sent a delegation of ten dayanim (rabbinic judges), headed by his personal assistant, to the graves of Satmar Admorim, Baal Ha”Divrei Yoel” and Baal Ha”Berach Moshe,” at the Kiryas Yoel cemetery in New York City.

A security camera photograph of the delegation can be seen at the Vos iz Neias website.

The dayanim read chapters of Tehillim (Psalms) and lit candles for the souls of the Admorim, in the name of the Admor of Belz, Rav Yissachar Dov ben Miriam. “We are emissaries of our Rabbi Yissachar Dov Ben Miriam, we have come to ask forgiveness and pardon for what has hurt your dignity,” they said.

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