A Cappella Treasury Shabbos

by Various

10 new tracks, plus 11 classics by 18 stars!Light your Jewish neshoma with over one hour of incredible Shabbos a cappella music.

Track Listing
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1. Aishes chayil
2. Shabbos in gilo
3. Blue Fringe’s Vayivarech
4. Kah ribon
5. Mimkomcha
6. Carlebach’s v’shomru
7. Lecha Dodi
8. Y’varchecha
9. Boruch Hagever
10. Ya’amod
11. Menucha V’Simcha
12. Bilvovi
13. Ani Ma’amin
14. Havdalah: Hinei
15. Havdalah: Berachot
16. Uray Vanim
17. Carlebach’s Cracow nigun
18. Ki eshmira
19. Ayeh mekom
20. Yom Shabboson
21. Freilach

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