Beat’achon – West Side Z’mirot

Music for Sefirah

Sing along with Beat’achon as the world renowned vocal group performs your favorite z’mirot in vibrant six part harmony. Whether you are new to Shabbat singing or have been celebrating with your own family for years, you will be swept up by the warmth, energy, humor and soul of this group.

This CD has no instrumental music.

Label: Sameach, 1997Track Listing
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1. Va’ani
2. Adon Olam
3. Horeni Hashem
4. Tzur mishelo
5. Avinu Malkenu
6. Gadlu
7. Kah Ribon
8. Horeni
9. Yerushalayim
10. L’cha Dodi
11. Likrat Kallah
12. Lo Tevoshi

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