A.K.A. Pella 2

The greatest songs from your favorite Jewish Pop Groups
by A.K.A.Pella

They’re back! A.K.A.Pella, the smash hit group that made waves everywhere is back with a brand new incredible album! Fans, be ready, because if you were impressed by this group’s debut album, you will be amazed when you hear this album. The album is a tribute to some of the most popular groups in Jewish music today. There were no musical instruments used in the making of this album.

Label: OCD Entertainment, 2007Track Listing
To listen to a sample, click on the title of a song that is followed by .

1. L’cha
2. Gadol
3. Raninu
4. Baoo
5. Ekra
6. Ivdu
7. Nar Hayisi
8. Im Lavan
9. R’faeinu
10. V’havienu
11. Umacha

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