Premium Blend

by A.K.A.Pella

An amazing new sound! This incredible new album is acappella like you’ve never heard it before! Featuring beautiful songs, velvety smooth harmonies and many, many surprises. Prepare to be amazed! (Note: No musical instruments were used in the production of this album.)

Label: OCD Entertainment, 2006Track Listing
To listen to a sample, click on the title of a song that is followed by .

1. Yibana Hamikdash
2. Scarbdror Fair
3. Hashem Elokay Yisroel
4. Menucha V’Simcha
5. Heenay
6. Yisimcha
7. Piah Paschah
8. Bo’ee
9. Asher Bara
10. Raninu

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