Lev Tahor 2

Watch Over Me

Lev Tahor has done it again! This outstanding group of talented singers has produced a winning album that will transport you from great heights of joy to deep spirituality.

Lev Tahor gained great popularity with its first album, an a capella rendition of old favorites. The voices of the four singers, Eli Schwebel, Gadi Fuchs, Ari Cukier, and Motty Jacobowitz, blend so beautifully that they create a sound that is like four notes in the same chord. The richness of their singing makes you forget that there is no instrumental accompaniment.

Music arranged by Leib Yaacov Rigler, songs composed by Gadi Fuchs.

Label: Sameach, 2002Track Listing
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1. Asher Boroh
2. Rifaeinu
3. Lev Tehor
4. Im Eshkochech
5. Watch Over Me
6. Mah Yonah
7. Aneini
8. Modim
9. Acheinu
10. Harachaman

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