Lev Tahor 3

An a cappella experience

The voices of the singers, Eli Schwebel, Gadi Fuchs, Ari Cukier, blend so beautifully that they create a sound that is like four notes in the same chord. The richness of their singing makes you forget that there is no instrumental accompaniment.

Label: Sameach, 2004Track Listing
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1. Shema Koleinu 4:07
2. Yamama 3:55
3. Deaf Man In The Shteeble 4:12
4. Baruch Hagever 3:16
5. Yedid Nefesh 4:12
6. Good Morning 4:16
7. n A Vinkele 4:02
8. Daagah Minayin 4:18
9. Shomer Yisroel 4:14
10. Lo Alecha 3:45
11. Yehi Shalom 3:56

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