hamakor the source

HaMakor – The Source

A new music is arising from a band stemming from hilly plains of central Israel. Just as its name indicates haMAKOR (the source) is the originator of a unique blend of bluegrass, funk and rock and roll combined with a root like Jewish message. Through the combined voice of this group, soulful, inspiring, and complex music is put forth. Each song is lyrically appealing, and melodically charged, leaving the listener feeling energized and exposed. Messages such as finding your own path, and the trials and tribulations of life, give the onslaught of aggressive resonance meaning. This real life expression met with the sweet melodies of the guitar is what makes haMAKOR a rare experience both in sound, and performance. Nachman Solomons driven rhythmic guitar playing creates a solid entity of auditory excitement on its own. When Nachmans, intense yet serene, vocals are added into the equation the music suddenly shouts meaningfully. Yakir Hyman & Jason Reich on lead guitar draws on their influences in psy-trance, jamrock, funk, and Jewish folk music. Each of their carefully placed, potent tones describes the musics clarity and tranquility. These melodies, complimented by the rhythmic forces of bass player Zecharia Reich, and drummer Jono the entire creature that is haMAKOR stands strong and demanding. HaMakor is led by Nachman Solomon, youngest son of famed Ben Zion Solomon, whose other sons spearhead legendary bands Moshav Band and SoulFarm. haMakor follows in their artistic footsteps with sturdy, instantly memorable melodic lines backed by inventive harmonic settings. Nachmans aching vocals echo his brothers, but haMakor relies less on the hallmark Carlebach and Breslover influences of other Solomon family member projects; its material is has to stand on its own virtues. It does so on the virtue of the spiritually charged lyrics and energy of their English originals alone, but the Hebrew songs, including Malachim, Im Eshkachech and Elyiahu HaNavi also standout as instant hits with crossover potential in Israel.

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1. The Source
2. Eliyahu Hanavi
3. Lost Man
4. Malachim
5. Dizzy
6. Im Mishkachech
7. Just Smile
8. Should’ve Known

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