A Jewish Odyssey

A celebration of Jewish music around the world.

A Jewish Odyssey is a compilation that explores the richness and diversity of Jewish music. From the Mediterranean flavors of Sephardic music to energetic and emotive klezmer, A Jewish Odyssey follows the long journey of Jewish music from the Middle East to Spain, Italy, Turkey, Eastern Europe, the US and beyond.

A Jewish Odyssey will surprise and delight with its accessible and entrancing blend of music that reflects the diversity of Jewish cultural expression. It features artists from Italy, Israel, the United States, Turkey, Canada and even Britain and Brazil. Every element of the exotic melodies, instruments, rhythms and lyrics on A Jewish Odyssey serve as landmarks along the long historical and cultural road traveled by the Jewish people.

With its informative liner notes, including background information on Jewish music, photographs and detailed biographies of the featured artists, A Jewish Odyssey is the perfect gift for anyone interested in world music or who wants to know more about Jewish music and culture.

Label: Putumayo World Music

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