Songs for the Holy Daysby Craig Taubman

Inscribed is an extraordinary collection of songs for the High Holidays or any holy day. Thirteen emotional, contemplative and uplifting melodies that elevate the soul and the spirit, creating a bridge between the ancient liturgy and the modern worshipper.

Label: Craig N Co., 2005Track ListingTo listen to a sample, click on the title of a song that is followed by .

1. Hayom
2. Adonai Ori
3. L’Dor Vador
4. V’al Kulam
5. Papa’s Niggun # 9
6. Hayom Harat Olam
7. Sha’alu
8. B’Rosh Hashana
9. Hiney Anochi
10. La’Yehudeem
11. Eliyah
12. Adonai Ori V1.8
13. Im Ain Ani Li

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