Marshmallow mushi

Carmit brand marshmallow mushi. Carmit is the first producer of Marshmallow in Israel.

Net Wt. 180g.(6.32oz)

Nutritional Information Per 100g :
Fat 0%
Energy (calories) 324
Proteins 4g
Carbohydrates 77g
Saturated fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 42mg

Ingredients: sugar, glucose, water, gelatin, egg albumen, artificial
flavors & colorant E-122, starch


The marshmallow is a confection that, in its modern form, consists of sugar or corn syrup, beaten egg whites, gelatin that has been pre-softened in water, gum arabic, and flavorings, whipped to a spongy consistency.

Marshmallows are popular with children and adults alike, and are eaten with or without accompaniments.

A popular, traditional treat is created by toasting marshmallows; usually over a campfire or other source of open flame. A marshmallow is placed on the end of a stick or skewer and heated briefly. This creates a caramelized outer skin with a liquid, melted layer underneath. According to individual preference, they are heated to various degrees?from a gentle toasting to igniting and burning the outer layer. Either the toasted marshmallow can be eaten whole or the outside layer can be consumed separately and the marshmallow toasted again. S’mores can also be made by placing a toasted marshmallow with chocolate between graham crackers.

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