Israeli Bazooka gum

‘Elite’ brand original soft Bazooka Joe chewing gum.

Each packing contains 28 pieces.
Each piece is packed in a colorful wrapping.

Net Wt. 180 gr(6.39 oz)

Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, gum base, stabilizer (glycerin), flavours, food acid: citric acid, natural food colors: red beet, paprika

Nutritional value per 100gr / 3.2oz (piece – 6g / 0.2oz):
energy (calories) 312 (19 per piece)
carbohydrates 78g / 0.002oz (5g / 0.18oz per piece)
sodium 25mg / 0.0009oz (2mg / 0.00007oz per piece)
fats 0g
proteins 0g

Alergy advice:may contain Gluten

All natural food colors

Item code: d290

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