by Dovid Stein

Songs composed, arranged and directed by Eli Gerstner with arrangements by Yisroel Lamm and Moshe Lauffer.

‘The album has 12 amazing songs. Eli wrote most of them but we have some from Yitzi Waldner, Yossi Green, Yosef Chaim Bloch, and we have arrangements from Yisroel Lamm, Eli Gerstner and Moshe Laufer. I basically wanted a Mordechai Ben David style album with an Eli Gerstner twist to it, and I think that ppl will be very pleasantly surprised when they hear it.’ excerpt of an interview that Dovid Stein by

Label: Aderet, 2008Track Listing
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1. Muvtach Lo
2. Ki Bochar
3. Ki Atoh Hu
4. Melech
5. Vahaviosim
6. Neerah
7. Hashem Yimloch
8. L’tav Avid
9. Sheemah
10. R’ Yochonan
11. Achas
12. Lazer’s Niggun

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