The New Project Relax

by Shloimy Daskal

Combining all of the slow hits from the last couple of years & even some of the previous hits, they were all rerecorded & embedded into this gorgeous album. Shloimy Daskals performance really shines on this album. His sweet voice adds a special new dimension to these melodies. Yochi’s magical touch with the music, combined with Shloimy’s sweet andpowerful voice will blow you away. Songs include Vezakeini(Boruch Levine), Lo Ovo (Fried), Peeho Poscho (Lapidot), Eishes Chayil (Shwekey), Efshar Letaken (MBD) & many more. Get ready to unwindProduced by Yochi Briskman. Music by The Neginah Orchestra. 25 tracks.

Label: Project Productions, 2007

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