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Silk Tallit – Give a Precious Gift That Will Be Remembered Forever!

Silk Tallit

A Jewish tallit, or prayer shawl, can be a beautiful expression of the Jewish faith, and a wonderful reminder of a special time or gift. Tradition strongly influences not only when one begins wearing a tallit to prayers, but how the tallit is made, how it is kept, and where one may wear it in […]

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Gabrieli Tallit – Brief Biography of Tallit Designer Malka Gabrieli

Gabrieli Tallit

Gabrieli Tallit and the Judaica Art Shop is located in downtown Jerusalem. The shop is well known for its specially crafted products which are hand woven using traditional looms. The company began in 1964 when Malka Gabrielli opened the Gabrieli Hand Weaving Gallery in Old Jaffa. It has since grown to be the top manufacturer […]

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Girls Tallit – Picking Out Your Daughter’s First Tallit

First Tallit

Although women are not required to wear a tallit, many modern Jewish women do. Most girls are presented with their first tallit at their bat mitzvah when they become responsible for the keeping of the commandments. Generally parents give their daughters the prayer shawl as a reminder to not stray from the word of God. […]

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Purple Tallit – Accessories for Your Tallit

Purple Tallit

A tallit is a very personal holy item that holds deep religious meaning to Jews. It plays an important part in daily rituals and serves as a reminder of their divine relationship with God. The tallit comes in a variety of fabrics, designs and colors, such as a purple tallit in cotton. Although in the […]

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Tallit for Women – Blessing of the Tallit

Women's Tallit

In Judaism, the blessing of holy objects falls to the individual who possesses them rather than a specific religious leader or teacher. This differs from other religions, like Catholicism, which has a priest or other congregation leaders bless items for ritual practice. It is the responsibility of each worshipper to bless their own garments and […]

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Tallit Set – How to Care for Your Holy Objects


Although the tallit are holy objects they do not miraculously stay clean all by themselves. Practicing Jews are required to keep the tallit clean and in good repair at all times. However, many worshippers are reluctant to wash their garments. Some seem to like that their tallit shows its age and use. Others are perhaps […]

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Tallit Sets – The Perfect Gift for Major Life Milestones

Tallit set

The tallit have a long rich history in the Jewish religion. Directed by the bible to attach tassels to the corners of clothing as a way of remembering God’s commandments, the tallit was developed soon after to help believers keep the law. Tallit sets are great gifts to give to commemorate those special milestones Jewish […]

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Womens Tallit – The Proper Way to Wear a Tallit

Women's Tallit

Few women wore tallit in the early times but the practice of wearing the prayer shawl gained in popularity among female Jews as the years went by. Womens tallit comes in a variety of colors and designs that appeal to an array of feminine styles. Many women receive their first tallit at their bat mitzvah […]

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Eretz Tallit – Are Fashionable Tallit Kosher?

Eretz Tallit

Eretz Tallit are tallitot created by Efrat Schwartz, an artist and designer. He founded his company Eretz in 1992 and has been producing Judaica products that lend a fashionable edge to its more traditional counterparts. Based in Israel, one of the company’s hottest products has been its line of contemporary tallit sets he designs for […]

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Women’s Tallit – Reexamining the Tradition

women's tallit

Although many Jewish women today wear women’s tallit, it is not a practice that is approved by everyone in the Jewish community. Women are not required to keep time bound commandments and therefore they are not required to wear the tallit. However many non-Orthodox and Reformed synagogues allow both men and women to read from […]

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Wool Tallit – How to Make Your Own Tallit

wool tallit

Tallit are an important part of Jewish rituals. Although the tallit itself has no religious significance, the tzitzit attached to them fulfills God’s commandment to wear tassels on the four corners of your clothing. The tzitzit represent the 613 commandments Jews are expected to obey and serve as a reminder of your commitment to keeping […]

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Buy Tallit – Where to Buy Tallit

buy tallit

Many synagogues will have a rack of tallitot available for people to use during worship. Even so, it is a good idea to have your own tallit since it must be worn during weekday morning prayers, Shabbat and holidays. Most Jewish men and women (if their congregation permits) receive their first tallit at their bar […]

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Blue Tallit – The Significance of the Blue Threads

Blue Tallit

In order for tallitot to considered Kosher, they must be made to strict specifications. It cannot be made of a mix of wool and linen. It should be created out of one type of fabric, for example all wool or all cotton. It must have four corners from which to hang the tzitzit and it […]

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Bat Mitzvah Tallit – Girls Coming of Age

Bat Mitzvah Tallit

A bat mitzvah is a Jewish coming of age ceremony for a girl that symbolizes she is now responsible for her actions, good and bad, and for keeping the commandments of G-d. Like bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah actually describes the new status of the child in the Jewish community. Bat in Hebrew means “daughter” and […]

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Bar Mitzvah Tallit – The First Tallit

Bar Mitzvah Tallit

A bar mitzvah is a momentous occasion in a boy’s life marking the passage from childhood into adulthood. At age 13, a boy becomes responsible for his actions and is expected to keep the commandments of the Jewish faith. The term Bar Mitzvah is often mistakenly used to describe the ceremony and celebration surrounding the […]

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