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blue tallit significance blue threads

Blue Tallit – The Significance of the Blue Threads In order for tallitot to considered Kosher, they must be made to strict specifications. It cannot be made of a mix of wool and linen. It should be created out of one type of fabric, for example all wool or all cotton. It must have four corners from which to hang ...

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bat mitzvah tallit girls coming of age

Bat Mitzvah Tallit – Girls Coming of Age A bat mitzvah is a Jewish coming of age ceremony for a girl that symbolizes she is now responsible for her actions, good and bad, and for keeping the commandments of G-d. Like bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah actually describes the new status of the child in the Jewish community. Bat in Hebrew ...

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Bar Mitzvah Tallit – The First Tallit

A bar mitzvah is a momentous occasion in a boy’s life marking the passage from childhood into adulthood. At age 13, a boy becomes responsible for his actions and is expected to keep the commandments of the Jewish faith. The term Bar Mitzvah is often mistakenly used to describe the ceremony and celebration surrounding the child’s coming of age. However, ...

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