purple tallit accessories for your tallit

Purple Tallit – Accessories for Your Tallit

A tallit is a very personal holy item that holds deep religious meaning to Jews. It plays an important part in daily rituals and serves as a reminder of their divine relationship with God. The tallit comes in a variety of fabrics, designs and colors, such as a purple tallit in cotton. Although in the past it was considered a man’s garment, in contemporary times both men and women enjoy wearing tallitot. The garment’s significance ensures that it is well taken care of and several accessories have been created to help with that objective.

The first is a tallit bag. This is a small square bag usually made in the same design and color as the prayer shawl. For example a purple tallit will have a matching purple bag. Although a tallit bag is not a required component for tallitot, may people use one to protect their prayer shawl from dirt, wear and tear. The tallit bag also serves as a place to store the prayer shawl until it is needed. There is a respect for the tallitot that compels worshipers to store the prayer shawl in its proper place. This prevents the tallit and subsequently the tzitzit from being inadvertently abused.

Another useful accessory is tallit clips. When the prayer shawl has been properly donned it only has the head and shoulders to depend on for support. It can easily slip off if you are unusually active or it is particularly windy. If the prayer shawl falls off, then one must pause to recite the blessing before putting it back on. Sometimes this can cause an interruption in prayers or meditation. Tallit clips help secure the tallit and keep it in place. It is available in a variety of styles and designs that are suitable for men and women. They are designed to look like jewelry. So a woman who has a purple tallit with flowers on it could get a matching flower tallit clip.

Not only are they great for personal use, they make great gifts as well. For example, if you are attending a bat mitzvah it is perfectly acceptable to give a few tallit clips to the birthday girl to go with her new purple tallit. Just make sure the design is in keeping with her tastes and personality. Although these accessories are not a required part of the tallit, they certainly make using the prayer shawl easier. And anything that helps you focus better on honoring God is always a good thing.

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