silk tallit give a precious gift that will be remembered forever

Silk Tallit – Give a Precious Gift That Will Be Remembered Forever!

A Jewish tallit, or prayer shawl, can be a beautiful expression of the Jewish faith, and a wonderful reminder of a special time or gift. Tradition strongly influences not only when one begins wearing a tallit to prayers, but how the tallit is made, how it is kept, and where one may wear it in addition to prayers. A silk tallit is just one aspect of the tallits available to Jewish people. Some traditions may decide a tallit made of silk is not suitable, but no one can deny the artistic beauty such a tallit can bring to the faithful.

When a tallit is created, it is most often woven from wool or linen, although the Torah strictly prohibits mixing the two clothes within one garment, including a tallit. A tallit is traditionally a shawl that has special twined and knotted fringes, tzitzit, at each of the shawl’s four corners, as specified in the Torah. These tzitzit at each corner are the only Biblically required fringes. However, many modern tallits bear fringes along all edges of the shawl. Additionally, most modern tallits bear beautiful patterns or designs. Silk tallits may be made of refined or raw silk, and may be embroidered or appliquéd.

Depending on which tradition a Jewish person practices, a tallit can be worn to prayers as a child, given as a gift to be first worn at and after bar or bat mitzvah, or even not worn until one is first married. Tallits are very commonly given as gifts, whether it is from a father to son, father-in-law to son-in-law, and even teacher to student. Special occasions can elicit a tallit, especially weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs. In each of these instances, a silk tallit can be a very special present indeed.

Silk tallits are most commonly worn by women, but are by no means limited to them. Tallits are available made from raw silk, which is the lesser quality silk left when the silk is spun for looms. More expensive are tallits made from spun silk. Many tallits are embroidered or appliquéd with beautiful designs or patterns. A very high quality tallit will likely come with a matching tallit travel bag, and even a second matching bag for holding tefillin. A tallit made of silk, with the matching bags, tallit clips, and perhaps even an embroidered atarah is a thoughtful gift!

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