gabrieli tallit brief biography of tallit designer malka gabrieli

Gabrieli Tallit – Brief Biography of Tallit Designer Malka Gabrieli

Gabrieli Tallit and the Judaica Art Shop is located in downtown Jerusalem. The shop is well known for its specially crafted products which are hand woven using traditional looms. The company began in 1964 when Malka Gabrielli opened the Gabrieli Hand Weaving Gallery in Old Jaffa. It has since grown to be the top manufacturer of tallit and other Judaica products in Israel. In addition to selling items to many fine gift shops in Israel, Gabrieli products are also exported to several countries around the world including America, Europe, South Africa and Australia.

Although the Gabrieli Hand Weaving Gallery was started in 1964, it wasn’t until 2005 that they were able to open the Gabrieli Tallit and Judaica Art Shop in Jerusalem. During that 41 year time span, the Gabrieli family experienced a tragedy when Malka Gabrieli was killed in a car crash in 1982. Still the family forged on and continued to grow the business and Malka’s vision until it has become one of the premier designers and manufacturers of shawls, tallit sets, matzah covers, challah covers, table cloths and napkins. These products are weaved in the Gabrielli Studio located in the city of Rehovot which houses 13 looms of several different sizes.

But it is not necessary to travel to Israel to purchase Gabrieli tallit. There are numerous online stores that sell their world renowned designs. The beauty of using the internet is that you have access to the vast variety of Gabrielli Judaica products. If you do not find what you want at one internet store, you simply click over to another. Even if you are in a country that Gabrielli does not export products to, you can still get them through an online vendor. Best of all, because operating an online store is much cheaper you will often enjoy lower prices than you would find in a store.

In addition to Gabrieli tallit that are available in over 100 designs and an infinite number of color combinations, the company sells art crafted by several well known names. They have sculptures by Frank Meisler and Mary Goldmintz as well as silk screens by Victor Shrem and Morris Dahan. They also sell a variety of one of a kind jewelry crafted by local Israeli artists. It is almost unbelievable that this powerhouse tallit manufacturing company all started with one woman hand weaving them in the basement of her store.

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